Investment Fund

JīN Coin

The next phase of the JīN road-map, the investment fund, has passed its trial and is preparing to launch. In our beta phase we raised 5BTC and turned it into 10.5BTC in 4 weeks of trading. This was in an environment of excessive volatility and assume the results will greatly vary over time.

The goal was to create a solid market strategy, have the right people execute the trades, and most importantly, be profitable. This was all achieved and we look forward to developing this portion of our business model further.

The next phase:
  • Determining a new market value
  • Choosing opening time & date for the next fund offering
  • Launching the fund
  • The investor funds are as safe as the exchange.
  • The investor can withdraw at any point with a 25% penalty.
  • The fund pays out 20% to the investors, 30% to the traders, and 50% to the coin for buy & sell support.

All coins acquired for collateral to fund entry after the 1st fund has matured will be burned after each subsequent fund has matured. The goal is to reduce the supply and revalue the market after each fund cycle is complete.

Based on the supply and demand dynamics at this point in time the JīN team feels confident adding to buy support over the course of time. The market is currently suggesting a market value of 400-600 satoshi for the first offering to likely take place in mid February.

*Prices and dates are subject to change if market conditions drastically change.

-JīN Team